We currently expecting a litter from Roman and Diva, the first part of January.  Please call or email for more information.  

Puppies born Jan3/20.  We have 1 female available

          We are no longer breeding Chihuahuas



                                                        A PUPPY'S BILL OF RIGHTS

Don't take me home with you unless you will care for me everyday.  I'll need food, water, a clean bed, but most of all, I'll need your love and devotion.

To ensure my health, I'll need veterinary care.  Remember, I'm depending on you for everything!

I am not a stuffed animal.  I am a living, sensitive, feeling little creature, just like you.  Don't leave me alone for long periods of time or I'll wonder why you've deserted me.  When you're angry, talk to me.  Tell me your problems, but don't take out your anger on me.

Please be patient with me while I'm learning.  I may make mistakes sometimes.  I may decide your best pair of shoes was bought especially for me for a wonderful chew toy!  Or I may forget where I'm supposed to go potty.  (By the way, how long was it that you were in diapers?)  If you brag on me, I'll do anything I can to please you -- usually !

In return for your time and your love, I'll give you more love, more devotion, more laughs, more joy than you ever thought possible!  I'll give you all my love.  That's a promise that humans rarely keep!  I'll be just the same every day whether you're mad or sad or really happy.  You'll never have to wonder if I'll love you less today than I did yesterday.  I'll love you as long as I live with all of my heart and being.

Author - Unknown